for 1 to 10(0) guitars

This is a demo recording of nab·u·li, which can be performed by a single person with a looping machine, recorded to multiple tracks (as is the case here) or performed by multiple live performers. It is constructed of 15 different musical figures in which the performer(s) select what to perform in a quasi “choose your own adventure” style. It is written in a flexible manner that more reflects the player than the composer by the choices that are made. The demo only utilizes only 4 or 5 of the figures, and all are not required in performance.

This work is also transcribed for Piano and Harp.

Agnus Dei

from an uncompleted larger work

Existing as a movement from a larger work, Agnus Dei is written for acapella SATB chorus and utilizes the requiem version of the Agnus Dei text.

Sacrificial Music

for orchestra and chorus

This work channels the energy of  the great film music of the 2000’s. Opening with the the sound of an ancient ceremony of worship, it progresses towards the eventual sacrifice.


Instrumentation: 3(1.2.pic)223(1.2.opt cbsn)-4331-Tmp+3(Gong, Sus. Cymb.,Tom-toms, Bass Drum)+opt second set of Toms-STR SATB Chorus [latin text]


from organ and chorus

Utilizing the text of John 11: 32-44, this piece tells the story of loss and resurrection. Originally intended to be part one in a three-part series, this work ultimately stands on its own.

"The Green Grid" End Credits Music

Electronic Music

Inspired by the Matrix movies, this is the end credits music for the fictional film “The Green Grid”