While concert halls were closed, Timothy Verville embraced a pivot to emphasize creating and sharing music in a digital/streaming environment. Much of this work centered on combining his deeply-rooted creativity with technology.  The result was tens of thousands of connections with people locally, and around the world

Below are a selection of some of those ventures.

Symphony in the City

Filmed, edited, and mastered by Timothy Verville

To celebrate the Georgia Symphony’s 70 anniversary season, musicians of the GSO were filmed around Marietta, GA., the hometown of the orchestra. Culminating in 25 episodes, this series is released throughout the orchestral season.

Virtual Choruses

Audio/Video Engineer

More than any other musician, vocalists and vocal ensembles have been severely impacted by the pandemic. In an effort to provide a safe way to create a musical environment for the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Verville created several virtual chorus videos for them, blending visual creativity with their musical excellence. This includes creating the worlds first virtual chorus in 8k with adaptive audio.

Georgia's Home for the Holidays

Audio/Video Engineer, theme music composition

With 50,000 cumulative views across social media and climbing, “Georgia’s Home for the Holidays” was a response to the void of live holiday music as a result of the pandemic. Organized by the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Master Chorale, and the Michael O’Neal Singers, this series included 32 performing ensembles in Georgia, and culminated in 35 days of holiday music.