Over the past couple of months, I have had the wonderful and possibly rare experience of hearing 1000 pieces of modern classical music. Now, hearing is not 100% accurate. It wasn’t just a modern classical music station on Spotify playing in the background. My close experiences with these pieces derived from several different sources. 920+ […]

To repeat or not repeat: that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to hear again that which once already sounded, or to continue onward into unknown territory with scant a sense of direction. Many essays, chapters in books, and other various writings have been dedicated to the subject of repeating the exposition […]

Some days ago, the news of the passing of James DePreist began to spread. Instead of recapping his long and prestigious career as many writers have already done, I would instead like to share how I came to know the maestro. The giant from Juilliard. While working on my doctoral degree, we were told that James […]

On the same day I was reading an article in the Globe about the prominence and staying power of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, I was also “treated” to a holiday a capella version of it as a television commercial. And I must admit, this was a bit odd to hear considering the opening lines that had […]

In an article published  yesterday, I was interested to read about one of Mozart’s fortepianos returning to his home after being removed over a hundred years ago. While Mozart owned many pianos during his lifetime, this one was used during his last nine years. This instrument helped give life to over fifty works including his […]

Toscanini was known for many things: being a meticulous musician, his political stances against Nazism and Fascism, and his famous temper. Once in rehearsal, he intensely questioned a viola section about their inability to play together. But before they could respond, he yelled “Talk to my hand, for my ears can not stand your horrible playing any longer!” […]

I’ve “upgraded” to using wordpress. Any post older than this post were migrated over from iWeb, and as such, may have lost most of their formatting and all of their pictures. I will try to add some of the pictures back as time progresses, but don’t count on it. Additionally, no comments survived the transition. […]

Part 2 Bach to the Future The Scottsdale Baroque Orchestra When I took over the position as Music Director of the Scottsdale Baroque Orchestra, I began looking at ways to reenergize their programing. For the most part, the ensemble been playing the standard baroque-classical repertoire for it’s entire existence. In the Phoenix area, as is […]

Updated 5.16.12 As a conductor, I often get asked in professional interviews what I consider to be the most important aspect of my job, or similarly, where I have the greatest impact on an organization. For me, there is not one answer for this question but two: fundraising and programing, the business and the artistry. […]

After a multi-month hiatus from this blog, I return to bring you the first in a “non-sequential/whenever I have time for it” series pertaining to instrumental vibrato. But before I begin to even approach such a hotly debated topic, a little background into what I have been up to lately which has kept me from […]

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