Decomposing Beethoven’s Fifth

On the same day I was reading an article in the Globe about the prominence and staying power of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, I was also “treated” to a holiday a capella version of it as a television commercial. And I must admit, this was a bit odd to hear considering the opening lines that had so much power, so much energy, were being delivered by sweet sounding angelic voices singing to a twinkling sales pitch about jewelry.

And then I thought about how many other times I had run across it out of context or in various arrangements/rearrangements.

Ladies and Gentleman, for your viewing and auditory pleasure, I give you the best and worst of the fifth:
[raw][youtube_video id=”-Uw99YrzTw8″ height=”” width=””][/raw]

[raw][youtube_video id=”inhFfYKhC9w” height=”” width=””][/raw]
[raw][youtube_video id=”mgAncBzFMJ8″ height=”” width=””][/raw]
[raw][youtube_video id=”PvBEkhBOnlc” height=”” width=””][/raw]

[raw][youtube_video id=”m8TD7KXsEeQ” height=”” width=””][/raw]

[raw][youtube_video id=”T5ZxtkOiQEw” height=”” width=””][/raw]
[raw][youtube_video id=”3wiWNAXWnGQ” height=”” width=””][/raw]
And last but not least, my personal favorite (and actual ringtone for the past 3 years) A Fifth of Beethoven
[raw][youtube_video id=”uIiyAsNOl1k” height=”” width=””][/raw]

Here is the complete work by Walther Murphy
[raw][youtube_video id=”VAQKFNrL-o0″ height=”” width=””][/raw]


If you know of any other good (or bad) ones, share them below.

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