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While perusing a not so recent edition of The Strad (pub. 1898) looking to further my research, I couldn’t help but enjoy the advertising and think about how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tucked in between articles about violin maintenance and biographies of prominent string players of today 1898 and yesteryear, these advertisements scream at you to trust their experience, ingenuity or reputation. Some even manage to snag endorsements of performers who are still household names. While there are some legitimate products being offered for purchase, you also get the idea that some of these are the latest incarnation of a gimmick you’d see on television during a late night infomercial on the Oprah Winfrey Network (not that I watch the OWN, but sometimes, you know, when you’re up late at night doing research, the television left on to provide you some company, you start flipping the channels and it just so happens to land there, that’s Ok, I mean, let’s not be judgmental here, she’s a great woman who has contributed greatly to society through her charitable donations… not to mention fostering another generation of people reading by featuring books on her now ended talk show.)

Because if your instrumental dealer doesn’t sell “GOMPO”, they clearly are not respectable.

“The handsomest in existence”

We’re No.1! (Except for the Stradahuvius guy)
But they did manage a Sarasate endorsement.

Hey! Sarasate endorsed our product too!

I get tired just watching people play Violin.

Wonder if these would keep in Arizona….

Sound comes out of holes on your fiddle, so naturally you want it to come out of your bridge too.


WARNING Do not use in conjunction with Dampit products.

And remember folks, operators are standing by.

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